Victoria’s Human Rights Commission website was recently targeted by cyber attackers who claimed to be part of the well-known Anonymous collective. The hackers left an unclear message about their social network AnonPlus.


The hackers replaced the commission’s website and its pages with a message saying that their group is “non-criminal”. No explanation of why the commission’s website was targeted was ever posted there.

The hackers announced they spread ideas without censorship and urged media to be free but limit itself to “show what’s happening rather than telling people what’s wrong and what’s right”. They also explained they take offline websites “actively contributing to the control of the masses.” At the same time, the group claimed to not act for personal or political causes and have no leaders. The rest of the message was hard to read and not clear at all. At least the attackers clarified they didn’t steal or delete any data from the site, as only home page was affected.

Their message also contained a link to AnonPlus’ Twitter account. Apparently, the latter was last active about couple weeks ago. As for the Commission, the agency announced they were working to fix the problem and apologized for any inconvenience caused both in Twitter and on their homepage after the hackers’ message was taken down.

The Commission’s spokeswoman assured in the interview that they were aware of the breach and were working to solve the problem. At the same time, they had to admit that the reason behind such activity was hard to understand, because the hackers have never made any demands to the Commission or in any other way had a conflict with it. Finally, the agency emphasized once again that no privacy breach has occurred, because they don’t store any personal data on that site.

Posted by: SAM