The Presidential election of 2016 of USA was interpreted as the end of the liberal order, the response of the popular classes to the power of the elites. The list of the members of his cabinet, one soon realizes that everything else is preparing.

Trump has appointed Rex Tillerson as Foreign Minister, the boss of oil giant Exxon, a staunch supporter of the liberalization of the energy market. Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin is a former CEO of Goldman Sachs who has grown rich by buying property from households ruined by the subprime crisis. The Minister of Labor, Andrew Puzder, is the boss of CKE, a fast food chain, who has declared himself opposed to any increase in the minimum wage. Carl Icahn, a former raider who served as a role model for Oliver Stone’s “Wall Street” film, is named Special Advisor to the President for Federal Regulatory Affairs.

Trump formed a government in his own image, made of billionaire’s iconoclasts, alone weighing more than $ 6 billion, according to “The Economist.” They have a common detestation of international rules: the Paris climate accord, the WTO agreement, the NATO agreement. Everyone wants to push the deregulation further, be it the energy market, labor, finance.

From Europe, it was thought that the election of Trump reflected the American discontent with the A staggering rise in inequality. But to reduce them is obviously not what Trump has in mind, which wants to lower taxes and in this field claims the Reagan legacy. Is Trump betraying his constituents, or is there any misunderstanding about the reasons for his success?