President Donald Trump inaugural ceremony passed with the all the criticism and agitation he is know the official resident of the most powerful house called White Hose of America. Many people are still criticizing about the low viewer ship of the ceremony, some are saying it’s a flop ceremony and even some are quoting it as Fashion Show.

Within the White House everybody is enjoying the inaugural ceremony where are the surrounding free to go areas had lot of protester with having cards say different than the expected by the Trump Camp. It’s purely a politics even if you can win with are greater numbers and support there are always opponents.Any ways everything is going as per plan as scheduled and foreseen by Donald Trump. Donald Trump is successfully maintaining his status and doing everything he want to do as a president of United State of America. He did not care about news and news channels that much as he is before elections.

Oliver Chinyere a Comedy person | Writer | at twitter trying hard to make a point that Donald Trumps inaugural ceremony if being watched by 7 million less number of people as compared with Obama.

Donald Trump had a successful meeting with CIA and this shows signs of his greater intelligence, helping him to rule America with full power and strength and accomplish his comments toward people of USA and his party. Donald Trump has started everything in a positive manners and he is truly meant to make America Great again.
Here are some snaps of his inaugural ceremony which make history.