Oracle leading a head of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft in the public cloud market because of database combination services and SaaS Offerings.

It’s been proved that Oracle invested long time and money for its cloud portfolio and is now facing the fight against the AWS, Microsoft and Sales force. Lawrence Ellison, Oracle founder and CTO, wreaked loudly against the rivals. Oracle database services are only a little surprising whereas new infrastructure services and PaaS and cloud management surprisingly getting momentum.

Amazon claims that they are cheaper than Oracle and Oracle claims in the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) sector, Oracle has three variants: Physical, i.e. non-virtualized Linux or Windows servers, offer customers the option to run their workloads isolated from other users.The new second version having virtualized servers, customer sharing and share the computing resources. Additionally, Kurian warned that Oracle bare-metal servers for the operation of docker containers. “No one in the public cloud provides comparisons,”.

Whereas IBM also has bare metal servers in its program. Compute Services of Oracles can still be seen. The Palete ranges from relatively cost-effective machines for US Dollars 0.10 per hour to powerful server systems with up to 44 Intel processor cores and a terabyte of memory. Storage capacities can be scaled up to 60 Tera byte.

Pund-IT head of analyst firm Charles King, appreciated Oracles commitment and Enthusiasms. He pointed primarily to the large customer base, which increasingly demand cloud services. But Oracle was late in the market and may not be able to fetch existing customers as a particularly innovative cloud. It is uncertain, however, how Oracle wants to win new customers for its cloud business.