It is said that President Donald Trump truly understand that duty is a thing that is due and must be paid by everyone who would avoid present discredit and eventual moral insolvency. It is obligation a debt which can only be discharged by voluntary efforts and result action in the Government affairs.

The abiding sense of duty is the crown of good character. It is the upholding law of a man in his highest attitudes. Without it the individual totters and falls before the first puff of adversity or temptation whereas inspired by it the weakest becomes strong and full of courage. Duty is based on sense of justice; it is not a sentiment but a principle. Men inspired by high principles are often required to sacrifice all that the esteem and love rather than fail in their duty. Life is a battle to be fought valiantly.

Donald Trump has started his duty with dignity as might be expected, the chief power in his life is the spirit of duty. It is the real and commanding element in his character. In recent past he clearly saw his duty before him, he did it at all hazards and with inflexible integrity. He did not do it for effect nor he thought of glory or of fame and its rewards; but of the right thing to be done and the best of doing it.Donald Trump perused his upright course through life, first as successful Business man and now as a president of United State of America, never faltering in the path if duty.