Lloyd and Bank of Scotland were under DDos attack committed by unknown hackers trying access to millions of accounts but the attack was successfully overturned by the IT security department of the banks and no harm or damage has been done except the minor problem that the legitimate account holders were not be able to access the service of the bank for some time.

As a normal practice in security matters only few elements of the incident were disclosed by IT departments of the banks and the rightly did not public the whole scenario. UK is continuously being targeted specially in the financial sector. There is big concern involved and UK government has to take rapid action to avoid such kind of threats. A Treasury committee has been formed and creating single point of responsibility to tackle such kind of hacking attempts and higher level of scrutiny.

In this era of monetarism, the people with bad intention always looking for the easy money and spend all their energy, talent and skills to bypass the system and the laws of nature. Whereas if they use these skills in a positive way they can build empire and also serve mankind for the better life. Apart from security measures it’s a duty of every government to provide opportunities, knowledge and make available resources for such deprived people.

Every good step form most advanced nations of the world be highly appreciated and its responsibility of Queens Elizabeth of UK and Donald Trump of USA to put serious efforts to save world from modern crime and providing opportunities to educate and reshape bad mind into good minds.
Finally, the news is that both banks and its customers are in safe zone and nothing harmful is done.