Knowledge is power specially the knowledge about ethics, socialism, humanity, peace and respect of others. There is no one perfect in this world expect the Messengers of Allah (SWT).

The last Messenger Hazrat Muhammad Peace be upon him, was the most perfect personality on earth who preached Islam to the mankind and his Character is the best example for mankind to follow for a successful life and after life. Anyone who accept his teaching and follow his path called Muslim. It’s a proven fact of his greatness that not only Muslims but people from all races, sect, religion or region acknowledge that he was the best Human being on earth. When someone speaks about Islam including United State of America or any other country or head of any State in personal or official capacity, he/ she should learn about Islam first as without having proper knowledge one cannot understand it.

Yesterday President of USA Donald Trump talked out of context about banning or changing immigration law of USA specially for Muslim countries has been criticized on mass level. Muslins in USA already worried about his pervious speeches, which mostly considered as election stunt.

Donald Trump must take time to decide about sensitive issues like Mexico wall, changing immigration laws etc. Unexpected reply of Mexico refusing to me Donald Trump is a disgrace in a sense that a state refuses to meet the President of a State where they have lot of Financial stakes.

Few days’ back Mayor of New York opposed Donald Trump Policy against Muslims.