Donald Trump keeping his momentum to surprise people from his executive orders. Donald Trump issued executive order related to refugees from Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Iran banned from entering USA and it is also expected that this list will increase in near future. The order was issued without keeping in view the agitation / resistance from the people of all walks of life or it may be considered at very low level.

Donald Trump and his government faced unexpected level of resistance not only form the people who are directly victim of the order but also from the government itself, there are reports that hundreds of officials have voted against the executive order and most of all acting US attorney general Sally Yates has been fired for not obeying the executive order.

It seems that Donald Trump might have read somewhere the old saying “fire with enthusiasm otherwise you will be fired”. Donald Trump is bringing his selective team on board to strength his regime. This hasty order makes Donald Trump to go on back foots by allowing about 800 refugees already landed in USA.

Donald Trump and his team must understand that although they are in power but they are not popular power and if they keep the ruling like this they will face big resistance within America and outside America as well.