Donald Trump the unpopular president of United State of America in wake if U.S Navy Seal killed in Yemen paid a surprised visit. The Chief Warfare William Owens was the first man to die since his presidency came into force. The report says that three US soldier was wounded and a large number of Al Qaida militants were killed along with civil casualties including children in a raid in Yemen.

Ivanka Trump along with selective group of journalist and Trump himself landed Delaware’s Air Base with no clue to visit to anybody. Donald Trump spend time with the Martyr family whereas they claim that this visit to be kept secret and no media coverage is allowed.

Donald Trump has made lot of promises about war on terrorism and able to get more votes form military as compare to Hilary Clinton. Donald Trump has already given deadline to Pentagon to make comprehensive plan about Islam States special Iraq and Syria.

Donald Trump recent executive order about banning refugees from certain Islamic countries is also a related the plan on Islamic countries.