We are starting this page to share articles, brief and knowledge on every aspect of life from intellectuals, skilled, expert, competent, proficient, experienced, seasoned, acquainted and familiar with his/ her knowledge areas.

In this modern era the best use of technology is to get the desired information on one click no body want to waste his / her time in searching over and over the useful and required There are different opinions about the use of technology and people against the use of technology say.

  • Technology dependency reducing knowledge base.
  • Use of technology isolating people.
  • Extra use of technology causes health issues.

These people are right in saying all that but this kind of state arises only when anyone uses technology in excessive and without prior / proper knowledge base.  Suppose you are looking for a free game on internet what a layman do normally he opens and search engine and just put “free games” in his/ her criteria. Whereas an intermediate user of internet will open uses one of the best search engine like Google and his/ her searching criteria would be like that based on his/ her operating system MAC, Linux, Windows or Android etc. “windows based arcade Games” or “Android APK Strategy Free Games”.

Expert Technology user may use far more advance criteria like uses of tag and wild keys etc.

Therefore, the proper use if technology will empower anyone who know the art how to use it. Technology itself is nothing only the proper and efficient use of it make it venerable.

We hope we will share here the tips and trick as well to educate our valued visitor. Keep visiting you will always find a new article of your interest here.


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